Should the Sitter Man Poop Scoop Duties?


pottyWhen a mom comes home to find a big pile of poop in her kid’s potty, the first thought might be “yay, she finally used the toilet!” But can you blame the parent who thinks just as quickly: why is this still in here?

Kelcey Kintner of the Mama Bird Diaries pondered this week whether it’s the sitter’s job to dump the kid’s potty. A quick poll of my Strollerderby colleagues came up with a unanimous: um, YES!

Think of it this way – if you leave your non-potty trained kid at home with a sitter, you expect them to change the child’s diaper. So if feces and urine are part of the job for babies, they’re part of the job for toddlers too – because they’re too young to do it themselves. Which is why you HIRE a babysitter – because they are too young to do most things for themselves.

Besides – dumping a potty is significantly less disgusting than diaper duty. You don’t actually have to get your hands in there! And you can use a disinfectant wipe on the potty – you can’t use one of those on a child’s delicate behind.

Has your sitter ever challenged this one?

Image: The Wu’s Photo Land via Flickr

Source: MamaBird Diaries

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