Show Your Daughters This Video


dove-workshops-for-girlsMost of us known theoretically that all of the images we see in magazines are photoshopped. But actually witnessing the reality of photoshopping in action is another thing altogether. This Dove commercial uses time-lapse photography to show an average young woman getting transformed into the kind of stunning face we see on billboards, and it could really change the way both girls and boys look at magazines and advertisements.

The commercial is part of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, which has teamed up with the Girl Scouts and other organizations to host self-esteem workshops for girls. If the workshops are anywhere near as effective as this commercial, I imagine they have a big impact on the girls who take part.

Just don’t spend too much time on the Dove Web site or you’ll end up watching videos of the Dove “stylist for the stars” giving stereotypically attractive models up-dos. Oh well. You can’t expect everything from a corporation selling beauty products.

Photo: Step Up Women’s Network