Sick of H1N1 Notifications, School Drops Them


kid-at-hospitalA midwest school district has said “we get it, kids are getting sick,” and they’re dropping notification calls to parents every time another child is diagnosed with swine flu.

The Wichita school district put out a notification (isn’t that ironic?) to parents last week that they’re calling it quits because the numbers are so high. In one elementary school alone, there were seventy absences in one day from H1N1, sixty-six from the flu another.

School officials have bemoaned parents’ decision to send their sick kids to school anyway – even canceling some athletic functions to discourage kids from opting to attend school just to play. The message to parents this week: keep the kids home if they’re sick so it doesn’t spread. Period.

On the outset, the notifications seemed to make sense. But with a vaccine on the horizon for parents to protect their kids, frequent tutorials on handwashing and a little bit of common sense (keep a hacking, feverish kid at home, ‘m’kay?), do they really seem necessary?

Image: Calphys

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