Signals We Give Our Spouses

 With the holidays rapidly approaching I figured it was time to get my exit strategy in order. You see, as November and December roll around so do school performances, family dinners, and work related events. This means there are lots of opportunities for uncomfortable and awkward situations to present themselves. I’ve never been much of a social butterfly. I tend to feel nervous and shy in real life situations. And this year I am doubtful that I will spread my wings any more than I have already. So I am working on my game plan. This year when things get rough, when my body temperature rises due to the great discomfort I feel from too many personal questions, my husband has said too much (is it really necessary to discuss my breastfeeding with everyone else?) or a game of pass the baby has occurred with my baby, I will be sure to speak up or at the very least signal my husband so he knows that the time has come for us to say our goodbyes.

Recently, I asked several of my Twitter and Facebook friends to share the signals they give to their own spouses when they are at an event and they are either ready for their spouse to stop talking or are ready to make their exit. Read their responses and you might just get some ideas on what to do this year when you’re ready to make your getaway.

Find out their go-to signals after the jump!

  • Change languages and let him have it! 1 of 7
    Change languages and let him have it!
    Darlene of
    Tales of a Young Mamma uses the fact that she is bilingual to her advantage. "I switch to Swedish, this way I can tell him off with a smile on my face and no one else knows what I'm saying."
  • Squeeze Him or Send a Message 2 of 7
    Squeeze Him or Send a Message
    Lana of
    Making a House a Home gives "the look" when really upset but that isn't the only signal she's got. "Mostly what I do is hold his hand and give him a little squeeze when I am ready to go… And when it's hard to get the message through, I go to the bathroom and text him."
  • If at first you don’t succeed — start packing! 3 of 7
    If at first you don't succeed — start packing!
    Dana shares that she "wears" her emotions openly. "I usually give him a look to indicate if we don't leave right now, you risk death!" (She's joking by the way. Look at the photo. These two are so in love!) In case that doesn't work Dana has a backup plan. "If that doesn't seem to get the message across I just start packing up our things and begin saying goodbye to the host and the rest of the guests!" Dana notes that this isn't too subtle but hey, it works!
  • The One-Two 4 of 7
    The One-Two
    Maria of
    Take a Walk in My Heels shares that she and her husband both have a signal for each other when it's time to get going. "Jamaal and I usually do the look." But for these two it doesn't just end there. Maria further noted that they also do "the nod."
  • Sip and Sulk 5 of 7
    Sip and Sulk
    Mindy of
    Budget Fairy Tale shares "Getting drunk and sulking in a corner is my go-to signal."
  • The Silent Treatment 6 of 7
    The Silent Treatment
    Victoria of
    Adventures of a Wife and Mom lets her silence do all the talking. "My silence usually gives indication that there is a problem since I am a social butterfly more often than not. If I answer in one word answers or completely alienate myself from activities, or neglect current conversation he knows I am not happy and it is time to pack it up or find out what's wrong."
  • Solo Staring Contest 7 of 7
    Solo Staring Contest
    When I'm ready to go or I really wish he would stop talking about whatever he is talking about I tend to start staring at my husband. He can feel when I am staring at him, which is why if he isn't ready to go he avoids eye contact. He has never told me this but I know it to be true. Why else would he avoid looking into his wife's glaring eyes? If he doesn't look at me so my eyes can tell him that I am ready and if no one is sitting next to me I send him a text message.


Thank you ladies for sharing your signals with us!

What about the rest of you lovelies? What signals do you use to let your spouse know to quit talking or to say his goodbyes? Do you give “the look”, kick him under the table or pack up and start heading for the door? Do tell!


Photo Sources: Personal photos provided by participants

Read more from Krishann on her personal blog His Mrs. Her Mr. Krishann is also a contributor for The Conversation and The Conscious Perspective. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.


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