Is the Silly Bandz Craze Over?

silly bandz
Silly Bandz: Old School?

Over at momlogic, Dr. Wendy Walsh writes about how her kids’ school has banned Silly Bandz for kids below 7th grade. This is old news to us here at Strollerderby.

In fact, aren’t Silly Bandz getting a little old? I suspect now that pre-schoolers are wearing them, tweens and teenagers will lose interest fast — if they haven’t already.

As Dr. Walsh points out, the upside about Silly Bandz is that they’re so affordable. She uses them as as a way to reward good behavior.

On the downside, kids sometimes fight over them and if they wear too many of them at a time, they can even cut off circulation.

Honestly, what irks me about Silly Bandz — like any collectible plastic toy — is that they encourage kids to buy more and more stuff that they don’t need.

“I hate buying trinkets,” writes GreenStyleMom. “You know that Silly Bandz are just future landfill.” I’m with her.

One of my 8-year-old daughter’s friends is trying to land a spot in the World Record Book for most Silly Bandz. She’s got thousands of them now which she stores in a suitcase.

I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to all of that plastic once she loses interest.

Meanwhile, just as kids are losing interest in Silly Bandz, it seems that adults are using them to flirt.

“Instead of buying that hot stranger a drink, or just, say, giving them your digits, people are slipping the object of their desire a Silly Band to show they’re smitten,” according to CNN. Not sure what to make of that supposed trend except to point out how out-of-touch I am with the contemporary dating scene.

Now it’s official: my kids may not yet be over the Silly Bandz craze, but I sure am.

What about you? And what’s the next toy craze going to be?

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