Getting Pregnant at 50: What is She Thinking?

getting pregnant, single mother
What makes a 50-year-old want to get pregnant?

Bonnie Bernstein is almost 50 and she’s on a quest for a baby. A doctor told her two years ago that getting pregnant was still possible. Since then she’s been rather preoccupied with the idea.

She considers the DNA of men she meets. She sticks her neck out and mentions babies on first dates. Already the mother of a 23-year-old son, she’d like a repeat — conception, pregnancy, labor, the works. She’s giving herself a year to make it happen.

Reading Berstein’s essay on Babble’s main site this morning, three words came immediately to mind:

Go for it.

Go for it! I say go for it, Bonnie. I’d even say skip trying to find a guy and all the business of falling in love and getting him to agree to late-in-life parenting. Just tap your bank account and get to the nearest sperm bank.

I know, I know, she’ll be almost 70 at high school graduation! Meh. Have you met a 70-year-old recently? Some of them are kind of young! And adoption, you say, she should adopt. Why does she have to be pregnant? She just does, that’s why.

Babies, pregnancy, aging, love. All of it so impractical. None of it the safest, most comfortable, most predictable and risk-free thing this woman has done or will ever do.

So what. Hearts are weird.

I doubt she’s the only one.

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