Six-Word "Momoirs"

Bite-sized memoirs tell powerful tales

Inspired by Smith Magazine, Tara Parker-Pope’s Well blog is collecting six-word love stories. She’s rounded up some great ones.

We all know how the best love stories end: with kids! So we’re collecting six-word “momoirs”: mini-memoirs of a sort, short tales of parenting limited to just six words. These bite size stories can be about anything to do with kids. Here are a few to get you started:

“You saved my life. Thank you.” – Carolyn

“Teaching me while I teach you.” – John

“Layers of wonder under the dirt.” – Sierra

These little memoirs, or momoirs if you don’t mind the cuteness of that phrase, are so small you could practically print them on a candy heart. They’re literally bite-sized.

I’ve long been fascinated by micro-fiction and mini-memoirs. You really can tell a whole story with six carefully chosen words. Which six will you pick? Share yours in the comments.

Photo: sloanpix

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