Smurfs Are Back! New DVD Hits Today


smurfs-world-of-wondersFor a child of the eighties, little comes close to cuddling on the couch with your pre-schooler watching their first episode of the Smurfs.

Rooting for Papa Smurf, booing Gargamel. All the memories are back with a new Smurfs DVD, hitting stores just in time for the holidays. Babble took a look at Smurfs: World of Wonders Volume 3.

Unlike its predecessors – volumes one and two – which were set up as season packs coinciding with the Smurfs’ 50th anniversary, volume 3 is limited to five episodes. But it’s also priced accordingly at just $9.99, and about ninety minutes of play allowed our pre-school watcher enough time to become engaged without becoming a couch potato (it’s a test of that blue magic that she sat for that long, to be honest).

So what’s in store? Sleepwalking Smurf, The Littlest Giant, Squeaky, The Sorcery of Matrochu and All’s Smurfy that Ends Smurfy. Although none particularly stand out,  they’re all classic Smurfs episodes, chock-a-block with life lessons and good vs. evil plot lines.

Just watching this part will suck you back in:

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