Sneak Peek: Disney Does Rapunzel


504x_rapunzelhairI’m feeling pretty psychic right about now. Just the other day as I went through all my daughter’s classic fairy tale books, I thought to myself “why o why hasn’t Disney done Rapunzel’?  Is it because it’s one of the darker and slightly more depressing Brothers Grimm stories? That has never stopped Disney before and it turns out, it won’t stop them now.

Today on Jezebel, they posted a sneak peak of the upcoming Disney-ized version of the classic tale.And you know Disney will get sanitize and make it squeeky clean. An added bonus – the film will be in 3D. So Rapunzel’s hair will be seemingly flow right in front of your face. The flick is set to be released for the 2010 holiday season. Click through to see more sneaks peek stills from the film.





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