Sneaky Facebook Virus Uses Facebook Email Notifications


Well, this is annoying. A new Facebook virus has been popping up all over the place; I started noticing it a week or so ago when I started getting all kinds of weird notifications from people.

Here’s how it works.

If you get an email saying that a friend has uploaded a new photo of you, don’t click on it instead, head on over to Facebook directly to verify it. If you don’t see a notification on Facebook itself, it’s the virus.

Mashable says the following about the virus:

A new strain of malware identified by security firm Sophos as Troj/Agent-XNN has been circulating the social networking site, encouraging members to view photos as an attachment. After clicking on the infected link — which is disguised as a Facebook notification email — a ZIP file containing malware allows hackers to gain control over Windows-operated computers.

The Next Web also says the emails come with an image that looks a lot like a Facebook email.

As usual, don’t click on attachments in email that you aren’t expecting. You know, EVER.

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