SNL Nails What Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day (VIDEO)

50 Shades of Gray
For everyone's sake, some books are just better on the Kindle

It’s a brilliant thing, the Kindle. You can tote around an entire library in a lightweight tablet design. It’s easy to travel with, easy on the eyes, and easy to mask what you’re reading from others.

Like, if you wanted to read the new Sweet Valley High books on the Kindle, you can do it without being embarrassed. Or if something a little more, uh, adult, is your thing, the Kindle will help disguise that, too. Just make sure your adult, uh, toys, don’t give you away.

Saturday Night Live knows what moms really want this Mother’s Day. A little power tool, a little Christian Gray, and a Kindle. Take notes, men:

Photo & video credit: Hulu