Snow Day: The Musical — Family Goes Viral with Second YouTube Hit


HoldernessInstead of just complaining about the weather, the Holderness family of Raleigh, N.C., took the opportunity to create viral video magic in the form of their original short Snow Day: The Musical.

Joined by their two kids and their 13-year-old neighbor Ella, Kim and Penn Holderness followed up their holiday hit, “Christmas Jammies” with a hilarious ode to the snow day. While some might be baking cookies and playing video games, these savvy parents used the extra time (thanks to Mother Nature) to create another internet sensation. It also doesn’t hurt that the couple have a brand new marketing and media company.

While I’m basking in the warmth of California, I have many a friend on Facebook hit hard by the inconvenience of these near constant snow days, and they’re not all as happy as the Holderness family. Phrases like “This cabin fever will be the end of me,” and “My children have completely destroyed the house” have been bandied about ad nauseum. Yes, it’s a big drag to be homebound, but in times like these it’s an opportunity to get creative and make some magic happen, viral or otherwise.

Check out what the Holderness did on their snow day right here:

Photo Source: YouTube





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