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So, iPads: Yay or Nay? Bloggers Weigh In

As an avid devotee of all thing Apple, I lust after the iPad. I always have. Yet? I do not own one, nor do I have any plans to get one anytime soon.

The reason? I simply cannot justify the expense for what it seems to me is basically just a really big iPhone (I do, of course, have an iPhone, I’m not INSANE). Frankly, rather than drop $600 on an iPad I’d rather add some money to that and get a really big iMac for my office (I currently have a 2010 Macbook Pro as my sole computer).

But I have friends that SWEAR by their iPads and they say they wouldn’t travel with anything else anymore. So I decided to reach out to some friends and ask what they think. The answers might surprise you!

  • Annie of Mama Dweeb says NAY 1 of 9
    Annie of Mama Dweeb says NAY
    "We had the original iPad and it broke. The only thing we used it for was videos for the kids and games for the kids. My MacBook works way better at "on the go" email/blogging. For the price it is a total NAY from me - all we used it for was a super expensive toy. "
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  • Dresden of Creating Motherhood says YAY 2 of 9
    Dresden of Creating Motherhood says YAY
    "I won an ipad for my family and it has been great for my Mom and my son. My Mom uses it on her daily commute to read and W uses it to watch youtube videos of garbage trucks."
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  • Jill of Musings of Me Says YAY 3 of 9
    Jill of Musings of Me Says YAY
    "I do not have an ipad. Would love one. I work at Starbucks 2 nights a week when my daughter is at volleyball. Hate just hate lugging my laptop with me."
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  • Kelly of Centisble Life says YAY 4 of 9
    Kelly of Centisble Life says YAY
    "It's a great tool for taking on the go. I love using it to respond to emails, and for all kinds of great apps for fun and work. It also helps that I got mine for free thanks to CouponCabin at BlogHer last year. ;) My husband has his own iPad as well (the one we purchased to share before I won one) and he felt like it was under utilized at his office. Everyone came into a meeting with an iPad but no one used it-so he made an app to make managing meetings easier for people who spend their work days in meetings."
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  • Lolli of Better in Bulk Says YAY 5 of 9
    Lolli of Better in Bulk Says YAY
    "Before I won my iPad, I really did think that they were toys. I looked at them as awkwardly large iPod touches and didn't understand what the hype was about. Then I got mine. Within a few weeks, I was using it for everything. At home and while I'm traveling, it has become my portable social media tool. I check and reposed to emails, I make notes, I play games, I write blog posts, I use it as a recipe book, a novel, a photo album."
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  • Robin of Simple, Green, Organic, Happy says YAY 6 of 9
    Robin of Simple, Green, Organic, Happy says YAY
    "We call our first iPad my husband's girlfriend, he takes her to bed at night while I stay up late working. iPads have restored peace and harmony to my household. For us, the iPads were lifechanging, streamlining pieces of equipment."
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  • Shana of Shanamama Says NAY 7 of 9
    Shana of Shanamama Says NAY
    "If someone wants to give me one I won't argue with them but I cannot justify the expense when I have a perfectly good laptop."
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  • Tania of Pure Natural Diva Says NAY 8 of 9
    Tania of Pure Natural Diva Says NAY
    " I thought I would love it... And was so excited when I got one for my birthday, but honestly, I barely use it. I thought it would be perfect for travel, but I still need my laptop... It just doesn't do enough to allow me to leave the laptop home. It is great for traveling with children, but so is a portable DVD player at a fraction of the price."
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  • Amy of Taste Like Crazy Says YAY 9 of 9
    Amy of Taste Like Crazy Says YAY
    "Tablet, yeah. Tucker-husband-was given an iPad through his MBA program and that made me realize how much I can do on a tablet. I'd never take my laptop to a conference again. Want to but me a Galaxy tab now? :D"
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writes here at MomCrunch as well as at her own blog, Uppercase Woman. She is an utter social media geek.

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