Soccer Mom Nabbed for Extra Extracurricular Activities, Such as Running a Brothel

A suburban New York mom allegedly acted as a madame to a wealthy clientele

Admit it: You sometimes suspect that your fellow PTA members or carpoolers are up to no good. Whether it’s shirking on bake sale duties or manipulating team rosters, some of those women are just plain suspect.

But do you ever think they might really be up to no good? Because some of them are.

Take Anna Gristina, for example. She’s suburban New York mom of 4 who has been indicted for providing women (and underage girls) to rich and powerful clients for sexual encounters, according to the New York Daily News.

Makes your friends, frenemies, neighbors and fellow volunteers seem saintly in comparison, no?

Gristina, 44, was arrested following an investigation that amassed 50 to 200 hours of audio and video recordings, according to court records. She allegedly had cronies in law enforcement who were supposed to let her know if she was ever suspected of being up to no good.

She lives in suburban New York, but her supposed brothel was located in Manhattan’s tony Upper East Side.

When she was arraigned, her lawyer described her as “a mom with bills to pay who would have a tough time coming up with the hefty $2 million bond.”

“There are a lot of disconnect notices,” he told the judge. “Bills are not paid, and thinking she could get hold of $2 million, I think, is unreasonable given the circumstances, and I believe that there is going to be a problem with the care of her four children.”

Turns out, she has the same problems lots of moms have, which became clear when she was asked to surrender her passport.

“I have one British passport, but it is not — I don’t think it is valid because my son graffitied on it, and I was told last time I went out of the country, which was years ago, that I can’t use it again,” Gristina told the judge.

Being a mom to four kids is undoubtedly tough. But surely there are other, more legal ways to pay for ballet lessons and summer camp, no?

And about her son drawing on her passport. Been there, done that, am I right?

Are you kind of amused, too (minus the pimping out of underage girls), that someone who could be your neighbor might really be a high-end madame? It’s the stuff of a Lifetime movie, no?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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