Social Media and the Olympics: Facebook and NBC Partner


There is no doubt that this year’s Olympics will be the most social media focused Olympics in history. We’ve already seen more discussion about social media and the Olympics than anyone expected; teams weigh banning posting on social sites, makers of the games have been banned from using social media, and one pair of players have self-imposed a ban.

One thing is for sure, though: we will see more tweets, status updates, and blog posts about Olympics than ever before and NBC and Facebook are soon to announce a partnership to cover the games.

In the New York Times article about the partnership, they mention how many of us have become two-screen folks.

The connections between television and social media have come a long way since 2008, when the world last gathered for a Summer Olympics. Then, Facebook had 100 million users; now, it is said to have 900 million. In the intervening years, the notion of a “second screen” — the TV being the first, the computer or phone being the second — has been commercialized; it’s normal now for TV shows to encourage viewers to chat online about the show while watching it.

This is so true I routinely watch television while my laptop is open, and I often talk about what I’m watching on television. Sports, it seems to me, and Olympic games in particular, are the ideal thing to watch in a “group”, which is exactly what it feels like to me when I hang out on Twitter while watching something on television (such as an awards show).

Frankly, I think the Olympics will be MUCH more fun with a social media twist? What do you think?


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