Social Media Fatigue


It’s Friday. I’m tired. It seems I’m always tired. Is it because I’m juggling the living of my life (from 7am – 9pm) with the documentation of living my life (from 10pm – 2am)? Or, is it because I’ve just overdrawn my “emotion account.” Is that possible? Does that even make sense?

Recently, I took the Love Language Quiz and confirmed that my #1 Love Language is Quality Time. This is why it’s important for me to have one-on-one time with each of my kids. This is why I prefer one-on-one conversations with my girlfriends over group outings — so I can be really present with each of them. When I connect with someone, I want real engagement — even if they come in short 140 character bursts.

I loooove my online networks. I love the banter, the exchange of ideas, the collaborations, the meaningful friendships — I am grateful for all these gifts. I have connected with hundreds more amazing people that I would have if I were limited to my offline world. But the double-edged sword of social media is that I am investing in hundreds more relationships. The thing that I don’t want to admit to myself is that I can’t. That my supply is actually limited. Gasp! Say it ain’t so!

So as I look deflatedly at my screen, after not having enough bandwidth to properly respond to a friends’ new post, the headline on Brian Solis’ page caught my eye: The Human Cost of Social Connectivity. My first thought was, “Dooode, I don’t have time to read a post this long!!!” :) It’s worth wading through but if you’re under deadline, these are the two paragraphs that made me… weep:

In addition to time and privacy, we learn that the human cost of social media is also emotion. We indeed invest a bit of ourselves in each new connection and form of expression we publish. We say a bit about who we are in all we create and share. Our actions and words put the “me “in social media and as time passes we construct a digital persona that reflects a vision of how we see ourselves and how we wish to be seen.

As in anything, when we invest emotion, we expend a great deal of energy and passion all for the promise of reactions, connections, and a sense of significance. And at the end of each day, we’re simply exhausted. Whether we realize it or not, fatigue is an inevitable product of engagement. From Social Network Fatigue to Deals Fatigue to Follow Fatigue, we are slowly realizing that we are not invincible. We are not without a very tangible perimeter of limitations.

Yup, he said ’twas so — what I’ve been feeling all summer. I’m suffering from a classic case of Social Media Fatigue (SMF). So… is there a pill for that? Because there’s a Twitter Party calling my name.

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