Social Media: How to Keep Up

“Social media is like gas. It expands to fill the time you give it.” ~ Brené Brown

Brené said that at Blissdom last year, even before the “gas explosion” of Google+ and Pinterest and all the other wanna-be-essential social platforms. How does anyone keep up and still make room for, you know, food?

There are those that just throw their hands up and say, “Oh well. That train is going way too fast and I can’t possibly jump on now.” There are many others who are feeling the strain of the hamster wheel, trying to keep up. I offer this possibility: if you think about your social media plan as an infinite game, with no definite end, how would it change the way you’re playing it?

For newbies and veterans alike, the temptation to just send one more tweet, or start one more conversation is relentless. We can get caught up in the idea that if we do more, we’ll benefit more. If we effort more, we’ll be more productive. It’s just not true, especially in this space of noise and shiny objects.

Remember your goals.
If we are to adopt the “social media is a marathon, not a sprint” mantra keep your eye on the prize — the one way off in the distance. The prize are your own goals. Post your “WHY” in a prominent place — like your phone’s wallpaper! It’ll keep you from getting distracted by what everyone else is doing, which is mostly irrelevant.

Think and re-think before you tweet (or do anything else).
In light of the above goals, think about what’s going move you toward them best. It may not be appropriate or best-served for you or your clients to be on every single platform. What’s best for your audience, for your message. I know, Marketing 101… blah, blah, blah.

To everything there’s a season.
Thank goodness! You won’t always have the energy to go 100% or even 80% but it’s okay. Tune in to the natural seasons of your work and plan in a way that takes advantage or those cycles. Again, Marketing 101 if you’re working with clients that have seasonal products/services.

Don’t be discouraged that during your slow times, it may feel like others are passing you by. Don’t be too worried about them because 1) they can’t keep up that pace either and 2) it isn’t even really a race!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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