Social Media Network Users Have Real Connections


The results of the recent Pew study make me want to say, “See! Told you!” We use social networking avenues to connect. To bond. To encourage. To do good. To place ourselves vulnerable before others who really are FRIENDS. And not just in the Facebook sense of the word.

Check out this infographic from GOOD – I want to share my favorite highlights or click over to see the full stats. Here’s what I love about social media networking y’all!

  • Can You Trust People on Social Networks? 1 of 3
    Can You Trust People on Social Networks?
    Half of the people actually using social media networks say that most people can be trusted. Compared to only 27% of non-internet users. Does that mean we see more of the good in people through our online connections?
  • About Social Network Site Users 2 of 3
    About Social Network Site Users
    LOVE this! Social networking sites "seem to encourage trust, community, and social engagement." FTW!
  • Social Network Users Have More Close Friends 3 of 3
    Social Network Users Have More Close Friends
    Wait, social media encourages conversation? Duh! You didn't need a social media interventionist to tell you that!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and connect. But remember – keep the conversation civil y’all because your friendly social media interventionist will be watching!

Do you guys agree with these findings? Do you have closer connections with deep friends because of social media?

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