Soldiers Discover Abandoned Newborn on the Side of the Road in Afghanistan

Left to die?

A group of Polish soldiers in Afghanistan made an unbelievable discovery.

While checking a route near their military base for safety, they stumbled onto a newborn baby girl left abandoned on the side of the road in southern Afghanistan.

According to Yahoo, the baby was wrapped in a towel and just laying along the side of the road. The soldiers were initially fearful of a trick as someone could have placed a bomb in the area and then placed the baby there to lure soldiers. It happens.

But it wasn’t a trick and the soldiers scooped up the baby and have since named the newborn girl Pola, for Poland. They took her to a medical center on their base and even bought her formula, a bottle and a bib.

Lots of baby talk in the war torn country these days. Just last week a female soldier in Afghanistan (who didn’t know she was pregnant) became the first person to give birth on the frontlines of a war.

So far, they have no idea where the baby girl came from and the AP is reporting no one was found within a mile radius of where she was discovered.

Oh my heart. I hope this little girl finds her way to a happy home.

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