SOPA Is Dead


Hey Internet activists! Your message has gotten through. The controversial Internet censorship bill known as SOPA is officially dead — for the moment.

Following massive online protests, including a blackout of Wikipedia, and major lobbying efforts on both sides, House and Senate leaders have dropped these nasty bits of legislation. Both SOPA and its evil sister PIPA have been at least temporarily abandoned.

The legislation had seemed like a sure win for it’s supporters, until it came up against some powerful enemies. By which we mean the entire Internet.

Harry Reid pulled the plug on PIPA today, much to the dismay of its main supporter Patrick Leahy.

Politico explores what happened, saying:

The double-barrel decisions to punt on the bill capped an extraordinary week of public pressure — and an extraordinary reversal of fortunes for Hollywood, whose lobbyists seemed to think they were on cruise control to passage of bills aimed at protecting their content from online thieves.

With the White House expressing concerns about the bills and tech giants like Google lobbying hard against it, SOPA encountered unexpected and insurmountable roadblocks.

What do you think about this move? A victory for Internet freedom or a triumph for media pirates?

Photo: Jed Hastwell

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