Sorry Kids! No Rapture May 21 2011: Howard Camping Was Wrong- Now Go Do Your Homework

A Harold Camping poster, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados, 2010.
A Harold Camping poster

You know that somewhere, somehow, there are kids that are bummed that the rapture did not touch down on May 21st, 2011, and not because they’re not going to heaven today but that they have to go back to their regular routine of homework and chores.

For kids that are the offspring of believers of Howard Camping or perhaps are believers themselves, Saturday May 21st, has and will proceed as any other Saturday, just with a bit more fret, worry and anticipation. But so far the doomsday time has come and gone without any of the anticipated earthquakes or hell fire in the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia. And the rest of the day in other time zones will no doubt play out the same.

So how about these kids, the children of the believers? Some will probably be pretty bummed that they aren’t off to heaven and instead they will have work on that final before the school year ends. And they’ll have to go back to mowing the lawn, and those dishes? They ain’t gonna wash themselves. And among these kids, let’s just hope a handful took advantage of their parents misguided belief that the end was near and got a break from all their chores with a “why should I clean my room, the world is about to end?”  or a “can I have $500 to go to the mall? it’s not like you can use the money in heaven.” Hopefully then it will be a teachable moment for these parents, to not get caught up in doomsday predictions.

To read more about Harold Camping, a good friend of mine went to Family Radio last week and go to interview him about his Family Radio station. Check it out here. One of the notable nuggets from the piece? Jennifer Waits wrote, “Despite his unwavering certainty about the May 21st date, when I interviewed Camping he did admit to me that Family Radio does have some post-May 21st programming prepared. However, he argued that it was really just for the benefit of Family Radio staff members who are not “true believers” in the coming Judgment Day.”

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