Southwest Airlines: Would You Trust Them With Your Family?


The number one concern for parents? The safety and well being of our children. Our job is to keep them safe and sound. So when there is any warnings or causes for concern, many parents tap into some pretty deep fears. Case in point, airplane safety and the thought that their plane could crash.

Southwest Airlines has been making headlines for cracks found in not one, not two, but three of their planes. On Friday, on a plane that left Phoenix, AZ, a 5-by-1 foot section of the fuselage skin came off making the cabin lose pressure. The plane was immediately grounded. No one was harmed, but to be one of the passengers of that plane must have been terrifying, especially for those with children on the plane, or kids at home. Having offspring brings a whole new meaning to life and death. With these recent safety issues with Southwest, would you trust your family on their planes?

The good news? Southwest has to address these issues, and they have to address them now. They have cancelled over 100 flights on Monday, and about 600 over the weekend so that they could inspect their fleet for other cracks. And with the media and the general public keeping a keen eye on their actions, you know they are going to keeping closer tabs on the quality of their planes.

Knowing that they are dealing with it helps, but many parents can be nervous Nellys about their family’s safety. When making a choice for their next flight, will they pick another airline instead of Southwest? Would you?