Southwest Flight Attendant Who Took Baby From Mom Alters Story

Remember Beverly Kay McCurley, the flight attendant who took the screaming baby from the way too agitated mom on a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this week?

Depending on one’s viewpoint, McCurley was either a heroic bystander, refusing to allow a mother to abuse her child (if you need to be reminded of the exact gory details, you can read Strollerderby writer Bethany Sanders’ account here), or an epic buttinski, a woman who intruded in on a situation she had no right be involved in.

In the original accounts of the incident, McCurley stepped in and took the baby from the mom after the mom hit the baby, walking the child to the back of the plane. She was joined by the child’s father, who rocked the squalling baby to sleep.

Not so fast.

According to an interview with the Dallas Morning News,  McCurley says she simply asked the parents if she could hold the child. They gave her the baby temporarily, while the dad got up from his seat. The flight attendant than gave the girl to back to her father, and they both went to the back of the plane.

None of this, of course, alters the basic facts of the situation, which included a nasty family squabble and a mother who more or less admitted to hitting a 13 month old child.

So what do you think? If you believe McCurley should not have gotten involved, does this new information change your view of the situation? Or do you believe that the only problem here is that the parents got the baby back at all,  and that McCurley should have kept the baby even if she had to flip the switch for the emergency exit chute?

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Photo: Dylan Ashe

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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