SpaghettiOs Cutting Salt Content


speghetti-meatballsLine up the foods masquerading as wholesome for your kids, and I’m willing to bet Spaghetti-Os would land somewhere on most parents’ lists.

Right next to tater tots, you say? But oh so disgustingly tasty? Good news – you can have a smidge less guilt when you whip out the can opener come 2010. Campbell’s Soup announced it’s slashing the salt content in the pasta line by up to thirty-five percent. The second cut in sodium in two years, the change will bring “all varieties of this childhood favorite in line with government criteria for healthy main dishes – controlled for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium and containing a significant level of at least two positive nutrients.”

The new, improved version of SpaghettiOs will be available on store shelves in April 2010, and each one-cup serving of the new version will contain a full serving of veggies. Plain varieties will provide a full serving of grains as well.

Campbell’s is meeting FDA and USDA criteria for a “healthy main dish” with each one-cup serving containing ninety mg of cholesterol or less, six hundred mg of sodium or less.

Who knew SpaghettiOs might be “healthy” in the end?

Image: mojodaisy via flickr

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