SpaghettiOs Recall, Summer Movies, and More


Uh oh!  Cambell’s announced a SpaghettiOs recall today, pulling 15 million pounds off store shelves because the noodles may have been underprocessed.  No one has fallen ill from the bad SpaghettiOs.  For more details about which cans are involved, click here. — NPR

Are you an organic family?  A new study reminds us that while organics are pesticide-free, they are not calorie free.  Researchers found that dieters who eat organic tend to eat more calories because they view the food as healthier. — LiveScience

Pop up some popcorn and grab the remote — it’s time for family movie night.  Parentdish has the top 25 summer-themed movies for kids and teens.  Finally, an excuse to watch Dirty Dancing again.

The Swedish government is giving dads paid paternity leave and most dads use it.  Wouldn’t life be grand if both parents had three months off after baby came along?  How would it have changed your early parenting style? — Work It, Mom!

Ruth Graham at DoubleX says that Abby Sunderland deserves the money:

Televised fame is a mixed bag, but surely someone as self-possessed as Abby Sunderland—the ultimate “free-range kid,” to use parenting writer Lenore Skenazy’s term—could handle it as well as anyone. Is television really only for Kardashians and Novogratzes? Do we only stand in awe of Abby’s skills if she and her family are holy enough never make a dime off her extraordinary efforts? And do we really suppose that Amelia Earhart wouldn’t take meetings with the Discovery Channel?

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