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Sparrow? Seriously? Cripes

By Amy Kuras |

joel-nicoleSparrow?? Seriously? Are you kidding me?? Sparrow? Sparrow James Midnight Madden? I know Nicole Ritchie is just another one of those dim-bulb “why is she famous again” ridiculous faux-celebrities, but seriously, naming a child Sparrow is just. not. nice.

I can’t imagine she’s the most culturally literate person on the planet and I have no idea who her husband even is, but does she know that a sparrow is a little beige and brown bird and is a frequent metaphor for someone who is drab and humble? Sheesh.

Contrast that with our friends across the pond in England and Wales. The most popular names over there are Jack and Olivia, and many of the other most popular ones are yuppie favorites here in the US like Sophie and Jacob. They certainly aren’t immune to celebrities with goofy names, but I think theirs are a bit icer than ours.

A few interesting points: Lewis is among the top five most popular names in Scotland. I think it’s a perfectly nice name, but I don’t know a single Lewis here and I also don’t know anybody who has named their baby that. Hipsters, what do you think?

Also, various spellings of Mohammed rank as the tenth most popular name (when all the spellings are lumped together) in England and Wales, which I found interesting. My state has the higest concentration of Arabic-speaking people outside the Middle East, and Mohammed isn’t anywhere near the top.

What do you think? Are Jack and Olivia nicer names than Emily and Jacob (the perennial top names here in the US)? Is Sparrow utterly ridiculous? And do you know any little baby Lewises?

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16 thoughts on “Sparrow? Seriously? Cripes

  1. mommyK says:

    Comments I kinda like it. Better than a lot of celeb names out there.

  2. TolaniLucia says:

    Each to their own. I guess it is the Midnight part that has me. I have known a lot of cats named midnight but no people. I guess Sparrow for a boy is a tough call.

  3. GP says:

    I think *you*, blogger, are utterly ridiculous. Way to be small.

  4. Barb says:

    I like the name.

  5. Ali says:

    They want so much to appear creative and artsy so they give their child a dumb name. Big nobodies who do nothing worthwhile or memorable. I am sure they came up with the name while smoking a bong and watching the Pirates movie.

  6. Brett Singer says:

    I don’t get the multiple names trend. Is that just a self-important thing?

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  8. Marj says:

    I like all those names, although I think Sparrow is more appropriate for girl. It doesn’t sound very masculine. Of course I looked up my name – Marjorie, and although I have become quite fond of it over the last 34 years, it’s never made the top 100. Maybe if someone in the US wanted to be distinctive, they’d name their kid Lewis.

  9. takethepiss says:

    Cultural references: # In the Redwall series of fantasy novels, sparrows are portrayed as fierce fighters; the main sparrow character is Warbeak.
    # In “The Dark Half” by Stephen King, sparrows are the bringers of the living dead.

    Mean + poorly researched post

  10. jenny tries too hard says:

    The babble link says Nicole Richie(someone tell me why she is famous? I am pop-culturally impaired) named her daughter Sparrow, not her son…might wann fix that

  11. Lindsey says:

    My good friend Cedar (a man) has a sister named Sparrow, another sister named Soleil, another sister named Shree and a brother named James. I think Sparrow is a lovely name, and if the little boy grows up and wants to be called James, he certainly has that choice without having to make any weird explanations… it’s his middle name.

  12. esther says:

    “but does she know that a sparrow is a little beige and brown bird and is a frequent metaphor for someone who is drab and humble?”

    Please provide one example of this in literature. Just one. Can you do it?

  13. Brett Singer says:

    I think Nicole Ritchie got famous for being friends with Paris Hilton. I had to think about that one for a minute. She’s Lionel Ritchie’s (adopted) daughter. Lionel Ritchie is famous because he actually wrote and recorded hit songs. And Madden was/is in the band Good Charlotte, who were successful.

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