Special Delivery: Woman Gives Birth On Train in NYC

Special Delivery!

Rabita Sarkar and her husband thought they had enough time, but their baby boy? Well, he had others ideas. As Sarkar said, “It’s just that this guy had other plans, and he came out earlier.”

The 31-year-old woman and her husband live in Harrison, New Jersey.  Their baby was not due yet and so they thought nothing of taking a train into Manhattan on Monday to go to a check up at her OBGYN.  According to Yahoo News, while on the train, Sarkar started to feel contractions. Her husband checked to see what was happening and sure enough…their baby was coming out.

Fortunately a fellow passenger  – alongside Sarkar’s husband delivered the baby right there on the train. Other “riders offered encouragement, and the couple said one little girl offered her jacket to keep the baby warm.” And that baby needed the warmth with 30-degree temperatures in New York City.

Transit officials were quick to respond, turning the train into an express and rushing to midtown Manhattan where an emergency crew was there to meet the couple and their baby and to whisk them off to the hospital.

And the family? They are all doing well. Sometimes those babies, they just have a mind of their own and they want to come out whenever they feel like it, no matter where or when.

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