Spice Up Your New Year's Resolutions


resolution_button_smSure, you could resolve to lose those extra pounds or stop smoking or eat more healthy food; those are all excellent goals and I support them wholeheartedly (and I’m working on that first one myself).  If, however, you want to add a little something to spice up your list of resolutions for 2010, why not start the year off by joining Kristen Chase, a.k.a. the Mominatrix, in a little Sexual Resolution?  For the entire month of January, she’ll be doling out daily sex-related assignments just for moms.

The tasks — “31 days of simple challenges that might just be the key to unleashing your own inner Mominatrix” — may include such missions as sleeping naked, “going commando” (meaning not wearing underwear — I had to look it up), and buying a new sex toy.  If you prefer, you can just follow along on her blog — she’ll be participating too and sharing tips and helpful hints, all aimed at helping horny parents (or soon to be horny parents) “whip their libido back into shape”.

Now, I’m not a mom, but speaking on behalf of dads everywhere, I think this sounds like a great idea.  Sometimes, it’s easier to do something because you have to than just because you want to.  Plus, I know I don’t feel as guilty about doing something for myself if someone else wants me to do it, so go for it, moms, start the year off with a bang!

Logo: Mominatrix