Spider-Man 4 Canceled


spider-man-triolgy-in-hdNikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Spider-Man 4 has been canceled. Not canceled like The Jay Leno Show. No, Spidey isn’t moving to a later time slot. The movie simply isn’t going to happen.

The official reason is that direct Sam Raimi felt that he couldn’t get the movie done in time for a May 5, 2011 release. This means is that Tobey Maquire and Kirsten Dunst are also out. Maguire, who played Peter Parker in the three Spidey films, released the following statement to Finke’s “I am so proud of what we accomplished with the Spider-Man franchise over the last decade. Beyond the films themselves I have formed some deep and lasting friendships. I am excited to see the next chapter unfold in this incredible story.” (Translation: “I am so glad that I don’t have to make this movie because the script was horrible. Even worse the Spider-Man 3. And let’s face it — that’s pretty damn bad. Now I can go win an Oscar or something. Thanks.”)

Sony says that they will “reboot the franchise” and put Peter Parker back in high school. They say that there will be a Spider-Man movie in 2012.

Which makes absolutely no sense at all.

These are not old movies. Why do they need a reboot? Keep the story going with a new actor. I guess that didn’t work out so well for Batman (George Clooney, anyone?) but still.

Why do I care? Well, I’m on record as saying that there is nothing better than more super-hero movies. Heck, I even went to see Ghost Rider. And that was awful.

My point here is… I don’t know what my point is. I was just looking forward to another Spider-Man movie and now it’s not happening. So, you know. Wah.

Luckily my son is already asleep. I’ll break the news to him tomorrow. Gently. I might be more annoyed about it than him, however.

(Also worth mentioning are some of the comments on Finke’s site. Read them here.)

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