Sprint Announcement Feb 7: The Smart Phone Challenge May Have an Echo


While I was waiting at a gate at the airport recently a mother nearby me was sitting with her toddler who was totally immersed in her iPhone. She noticed me looking, shrugged and said, “I don’t know how people did it before iPhones!” A sentiment that is shared by many a parent trying to keep those little hands busy while out and about.

The iPhone has become a one-stop entertainment center for all ages, and kids love ‘em.  Blackberrys aren’t as kid friendly. But how about the rumored Kyocera Echo? The smartphone that may or may not be the topic of the Sprint announcement on Feb 7th.

There have been tales that the Kyocera Echo will feature two touch screens (at 3.5″ each) that can be opened up side by side and where you can do different tasks on each screen. You can also it’s been said — drag objects from one screen to the other.  It will reportedly run on the Android platform.

But the big question for parents? Will my kid want to play with it, or will it be an adult-only phone zone? And if they do, how easy will it be for them to break?

The Sprint announcement will take place 6pm EST with illusionist David Blaine on site to add a bit more magic to the presentation.

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