Sprout Social Creates #BePresent, A Free Tool To Check Your Social Engagement


SproutSocialWhen it comes to social engagement analytics, Sprout Social is definitely my favorite inexpensive tool. I love their super easy interface and report building features.

But there is no doubt that most bloggers don’t need the full features of a service like Sprout Social. Luckily, Sprout has offered up an awesome free tool that will be very, very helpful to bloggers called #BePresent.

Basically, #BePresent creates a beautiful and incredibly informative report of your Twitter engagement. I can see this tool being a great element to feature in your media kit or to send to brands you are pitching for projects.

So how does it look? Here’s my report below (it’s several pages long). Admittedly, I’m a bit more of a Twitter fanatic than your average person, but I think you can get the basic idea.

  • Response Time & Response Rate 1 of 4
    Response Time & Response Rate
    This is your initial page, and gives a great snapshot of your reply frequency, and what industries you tweet about.
  • Rate and Times, By Message Volume 2 of 4
    Rate and Times, By Message Volume
    This gives you an idea of the number of tweets you receive each month. I find this section interesting because my outbound message ratio is four times higher than my inbound; the more followers I get, the less people talk directly to me.
  • Rates and Time By Audience Size 3 of 4
    Rates and Time By Audience Size
    How do you times look compared to others that have the same number of followers? For my range (I have 61K Twitter followers), I reply at a much higher rate 27% vs. the average 13%.
  • Message From Sprout Social CEO 4 of 4
    Message From Sprout Social CEO
    As you can see, if this report makes you hungry for me, I highly recommend doing the 30 day free trial of Sprout. Good luck!

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