Spud Boy - 4 Year Old Finds a Ducky Shaped Potato


article-1204764-05f87e50000005dc-820_468x569This ain’t no picture of Jesus in a piece of toast, Michael Jackson’s head in a tree trunk or Elvis in a wine stain, this discovery looks like the real deal. A rubber ducky in the form of a potato.

Four-year-old Zachary Clouter  – who lives in Ipswich, Suffolk in the UK – was helping his parents in the garden and dug up a potato that is the same shape and size as a standard issue rubber ducky. He was, of course, thrilled with his discover and was proud to show off his tuber toy.  Young Zachary has banned his family from any attempts to eat his little pal and they are keeping the potato duck in the fridge to make sure he keeps.

His mom stated that, “He thinks we should plant it back in the ground and see if more ducks grow next year.”  Yup, an interesting take on procreation.


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