"Stand By Me" Star Pens At-Home Dad Memoir



I’m pretty sure every kid growing up in the ’80s read Stephen King’s short story, The Body — which was turned into the fabulous movie Stand By Me.

Hearing stories about the making of the movie is the absolute only thing I’m interested in reading now that one of the stars, Jerry O’Connell, has inked a deal to write a memoir.

Only problem is his book is about his latest role: stay-at-home dad.

Shoot me now. Bury me with Ray Brower. I don’t care.

But please don’t tell me that a Hollywood star (O’Connell also starred in Jerry Maguire and is married to Rebecca Romijn) is going to attempt to sell a yarn about being just a regular ol’ guy, taking his turn in the car pool and taming tantrums all. day. long.

Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so. But I sense one more father-as-bumbling-neanderthal book on the horizon — the perfect set up for a sit-com and a new career. Do we really need to hear thoughts on fatherhood from a guy whose most famous role is being confused for the guy who played Chunk in the Goonies?