Starving For Two


six-months-pregGuess how many months pregnant the woman in that picture, Maggie Baumann, is? Go on, guess.

What would you guess if I told you she’s starving herself — herself and the fetus. It’s her second pregnancy and she doesn’t want to gain 33 pounds like she did the first time around.

She has what’s being called pregorexia and she writes about it over on MomLogic.

Okay, how far along?

Six months.

In her picture at seven months pregnant she is barely, barely showing. You’d hardly believe she’s pregnant in a shot just before giving birth. Baumann has spent her entire second pregnancy exercising in secret and obsessing about calories so that she wouldn’t have to watch her body undergo the radical transformation it did with her first.

Eventually, there’s bleeding and the fetus stops growing. But the baby is born and Bauman burns off the few non-baby pounds she did gain and then some.

Baumann and her baby were lucky. They both survived. Check out the essay and slideshow.

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