Statue of Child Obama Raised in Jakarta


obama-child-statueKids in Jakarta are proud to be attending school in the same spot as the American president – and now they can get a look at their idol every day.

A statue of President Barack Obama as a child was set up near the school Obama attended as a child in Jakarta, named “Barry Dreams Come True.”

The mayor says it’s not a political statement but an inspirational marker for young Indonesian kids – that their dreams can come true. The creation of the statue was funded by Friends of Obama, a private entity which put up $10,600 for the nearly six-foot tall likeness.

The statue is set up in Mentang Park, not far from where the Jakarta Globe reports the forty-fourth president attended the Mentang 01 Elementary School while living in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather.

When it comes to famous alums, it’s hard to beat the president of the United States – even outside these borders.

Image: Huffington Post

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