Stephanie Nielson's Love Letter to Motherhood (Video)

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Stephanie Nielson and her family, before the birth of their newest baby, who arrived the same day as her book, Heaven is Here.

If you’re not familiar with blogger Stephanie Nielson, mother of now five children, she survived a near fatal plane crash in 2008 that left over 80 percent of her body burned. Her book, Heaven is Here, was released last month and tells the story of how Nielson was medically induced into a coma that lasted for three months. While she was recovering, Nielson had dozens of surgeries and underwent physical therapy, all the while wondering what would happen to her family if she didn’t make it. 

Nielson did of course survive, thanks to the love and support she received from her family, friends and followers. The video below is Nielson’s love letter to her children without whom, she says, she would never have found the strength to recover. Hers is a beautiful, inspiring story of love and resilience. Watch: