Steve Jobs Steps Down - What is YOUR Exit Plan?


While one of the huge benefits of blogging and online/social media work may be the flexible hours, that doesn’t mean someone will want to work at full-force forever. With the huge announcement of Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple’s CEO officially, due to health reasons, it has me thinking.

How many of us have an exit plan for ourselves?

Steve Jobs has stepped down as the CEO of Apple because of his fight with pancreatic cancer. Tim Cook, the former COO, has been filling in for Jobs during medical leaves already, so it’s no surprise that he’ll move up as CEO in an official capacity now. We wish Steve Jobs a return to health and happy days during his semi-retirement (He’ll still be Chairman).

This news makes me ponder – as we establish our credibility and build our influence online, how do we ever extract ourselves from that if needed? Is there an easy way to step down gracefully, train a replacement and bring them in if our brand is ourselves? Have you even thought about it?

What is your long-term strategy for blogging or social media business? Does that long-term plan include an exit strategy at all?