STFU Parents Offers Gift Buying Advice


gift1We here at Babble have a confession to make – we’re parents who like reading STFU Parents. Hey – being a parent doesn’t mean you’ve lost your sense of humor does it?

If it has, here’s a gift of one back. The head of STFU guest blogged for Lemondrop this week to give the non-parenting perspective on how to holiday shop for those parental archetypes.

There’s the “environmentally-obsessed parents” who get cloth diapers, butt wash spray and fleece wipes; the hip parents who get anything that looks like it’s been owned by Gavin and Gwen; and the over-cautious parents who need only a guide to food allergies to make them kvell.

Yes, you know that parent don’t you?

Or are you that parent?

Reading like a list of what not to ever buy unless you’re one of those parents (ding, ding, ding), it’s worth seeing how the other half lives just to make you straighten up and fly right this Christmas. And maybe invest in a LEGO camera. . .

Image: mysza 381 via flickr

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