Stretch Marks are Now En Vogue? Sweet!

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If stretch marks are a sign of accomplishment, then I think I just earned a Ph.D.

Every once in a while something pops up on my computer screen that makes me want to kiss the Internet. Facebook. The condescending Wonka memes. I’d actually French the Internet itself if I could reach out and touch it. I love it that much.

Then there was this picture I saw today (on The Huffington Post, although apparently it’s everywhere) that likens a woman’s stretch marks to a thing of power, and it made me love the Internet just that much more. It says:

Your body is not ruined.
You’re a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes.

And I thought, Yup. That’s me. If having stretch marks means I’m accomplished, then I’m a Ph.D.

I’ll take it.

Hell, yes, I’ll take it.

Thanks again, Internet. I needed that today. xoxo

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