StrollerDerby's Meredith Carroll on NBC's Moms and the City

Meredith Carroll eloquently delivers her take.

If you happened to be tuned in to NBCNonstop last night at 9:30, then you were fortunate enough to see our very own Meredith Carroll featured in a segment of the show Moms in the City and a Dad Named David. (Quick shout out to David. Way to represent.) The segment was entitled Mommy Issues and a large portion of it was dedicated to whether or not it’s appropriate to ignore your child, say, during a tantrum.

Quick note, one of our three-year-old triplets is having a flat-out meltdown upstairs over a garden variety bedtime issue. Yes. We hear him through the monitor. He’s currently pounding the door. (That’s one tough door, incidentally.) No. We’re not doing anything about it. I believe it’s called tough love. And I’m pretty sure Meredith would approve.

And I get that feeling from having read an incredible post she recently wrote for Babble, a little number she likes to call Ignorance (or Ignoring) is Bliss: The Joys of Motherhood. In it, she details one of her key strategies for coping with her (sometimes) fussy toddler — the ol’ cold shoulder. And given that I have three such (sometimes) fussy toddlers? I can totally relate.

Hold please.

Okay. I’m good. Thought he busted the door down for a second, but he didn’t.

So where was I? OH. I genuinely believe that many (if not most) parents tend to overreact to their children, going to far too great of lengths to make sure that Junior is a happy shiny child at all times. And I personally think such catering can breed a sense of entitlement. So for that reason, I’m a-okay with Meredith ignoring her little princess from time to time, concluded the man who’s currently ignoring his child.

But the moms on NBCNonstop Moms and the City and a Dad Named David? (Second quick shout out to David. Way to represent.) Not so much. At least not Melissa. For after Meredith delivers a very pithy (and hysterical) synopsis of her post, Melissa is quick to critique.

“Her children are behaving like that because she’s tuning them out,” she says.

Hmm. And here I was thinking it was because her child’s a toddler.

“I have never, ever tuned out my children,” Melissa continues. “If you give your children the attention that they need, they will not behave like that.”

Like what? Toddlers?

The other two moms on the show were more sympathetic with Meredith’s plight, with one even going so far as to say that she, too, has perfected the art of tuning out. And apparently, their takes got Melissa to soften hers a bit by the end of the segment.

“I’m not so black and white,” Melissa counters before going on to talk about how she might tune out her daughter in the midst of say, a wardrobe crisis.

This was my first taste of Moms and the City, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. David does a great job moderating and the three moms compliment each other very well. And even though I didn’t agree with Melissa’s take, I definitely liked her style. A lot.

But the mom whose style I liked most on the show? Our very own Meredith.

Way to go, girl. That was seriously cool. In case you missed it, fear not, you still have another chance tomorrow, May 7, on NBCNonstop in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, DC and Philly at 10am local time.

And if you don’t live in one of those fine cities, or you simply want a sneak peek, I’ve embedded the video below. (If it gives you trouble, you can also see it by clicking HERE.) Thanks to Meredith for representing the crew at StrollerDerby quite well. And thanks to the great folks at Moms and the City for taking note. Keep up the good work, y’all.

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