Student Suspened for Bringing Butter Knife to School


iStock_000005514752XSmallSchools have rules for a reason, but sometimes those rules can be protected to an extreme. A 13-year-old girl was suspended from school this week for bringing a knife to school. And her knife was not a switchblade or a Bowie, she brought a butter knife to school.

“I said, ‘I was using it to cut my pear, I wasn’t harming any other student,” Morgan LaPlaume said. But she still got in trouble, since her actions went against school policy. The girls mother thinks that the school went to far.

“It’s a butter knife. She has braces. She was cutting her pear,” she said. “There was no intent at all there.”  Her mom added, “I understand policy, but I think every child needs to be looked at individually.”

But if they said a butter knife was okay, then would this open the door for students to bring in a steak knife, which could be far more dangerous. Where does one draw the line? Sometimes it’s just easier and clearer to have rules be cut and dry with a policy. But to have the girl suspended does seem to be a bit extreme, a warned would have probably been sufficient.


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