Students Dedicate Sweetest Flash Mob Ever to Teacher and Cancer-Stricken Baby (VIDEO)

Bruno Mars flash mob
The kids sang and danced to Bruno Mars' "Count On Me"

Every sick child deserves every bit of hope and happiness in the world. And the parents who care for them? They deserve it, too, almost as much as they so desperately need it.

Tara Dragon Hernandez is the vice principal at Woodlake Elementary School in Louisiana. Her son Grayson, 10 months, has endured four rounds of chemotherapy in his young life after being diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. Tara took leave from her job to care for him, but returned earlier this week for what she believed was an end-of-year assembly. Instead, what she found was a surprise for her and Grayson — a student flash mob to Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me” dedicated to her family, and to baby Grayson in particular.

If you are in need of a reminder of the inherent goodness in people, children in particular, watch this:

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Source: The Huffington Post

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