Study Conducted on the Bedroom Habits of You City Dwellers Yields Interesting Results

Los Angeles: Home of the most sex on the brain

“Location, location, location” may not just be a real estate agent’s manta anymore.

HuffPost Women recently reported that Trojan (yeah, the trusted condom company) published the results of their annual U.S. Sex Census of over 2,000 men and women from ten major U.S. cities including: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Houston.

Whatadaya know, when it comes to sex, location matters. Check out just how much location matters on everything from fake orgasms to sex on the brain after the jump!

City with the most faked orgasms: Dallas, where nearly half of all responding residents admitted faking it.

City with the fewest faked orgasms: San Francisco, where residents like to keep it real with only one-third reporting faking it.

Cities with the highest number of lifetime sexual partners: Atlanta and NYC tie with an average of 25 sexual partners per resident. Miami comes in a close second with an average of 24 lifetime sexual partners.

Cities with the lowest number of lifetime sexual partners: Chicago and Washington, D.C. respondents both report an average of 14 lifetime sexual partners per respondent.

Cities with the highest sex drive: Atlanta scored most eager to get it on, followed by NYC.

City with the lowest sex drive: Dallas/Ft. Worth rated their sex drive a 6.4 out of 10. We blame the heat.

Most sexually adventurous cities: Atlanta takes the kinky prize followed by Miami and NYC.

Least sexually adventurous cities: Chicago and Dallas tie for sexual humdrum.

Most vibrator-friendly city: Philadelphia, with 79 percent of residents open to the idea.

Least vibrator-friendly city: San Francisco ranked lowest at 66 percent which was still pretty darn vibrator-friendly. All cities surveyed were open to the idea of vibrators.

City most “in control” in the bedroom: NYC, with nearly two-thirds of respondents admitting they like control.

City least “in control” in the bedroom: Chicago, where only about half of residents reporting they like to take control between the sheets.

City with the most sex on the brain: Los Angeles. The average L.A. resident reported thinking about sex 13 times a day.

City with the least sex on the brain: San Francisco. The average SanFran resident reported thinking about sex 5 times a day on average. Same state, different priorities.

Most sexually satisfied city: Nearly three-quarters of Miami residents reported being satisfied with their sex lives. Miami FTW!

Least sexually satisfied city: Washington, D.C. where only 59 percent reported bedroom satisfaction.

Do you live in any of the cities surveyed? Do you find the study results surprising?

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