Study Says: Alcohol is Present in Common Soft Drinks


We all know that popular sodas  are loaded with sugar, artificial flavorings and additives plus those added hints of vanilla, cinnamon and lime. But did you know one of the other things that is included — according to a new report from France — is alcohol.  Yes, alcohol.

According to a report published in the French magazine 60 Million Consumers, researchers tested 19 different kinds of colas.  More than half of them contained tiny traces of alcohol.  The ones that didn’t have traces of alcohol? Those were the supermarket knock offs.

But before you freak out that your soda-loving kid is actually drinking booze, the amount of alcohol is quite small. On average about 0.001 percent alcohol. Of the ten that were found to have traces of alcohol included popular drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola Classic Light and Coke Zero.  It appears the way that alcohol is introduced into the drinks is that, “some soft drinks can contain minute traces of alcohol because of the ingredients used.” It was also noted that the natural fruits used can ferment and produce alcohol but that the recipes don’t contains alcohol, per se.

While it is a tiny amount of alcohol that was discovered, some aren’t happy with the finding, including, as MSN points out, Muslims, whose religion forbids any form of alcohol.

Will these finding change how you look at colas or change whether you let your kids drink them or not?

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