StumbleUpon Adds New Explore Feature


If you read Alli’s great post about StumbleUpon, or if you’re already an avid user of StumbleUpon, you know how important the site can be for driving traffic to your site.

According to the StumbleUpon blog, today they have released a cool new feature: the Explore box that lets you stumble posts in a specific subject area. Here’s what they have to say about it.

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a beta version of our Explore Box, a new way for you to explore even more of the things you love. Now just type a word or phrase into the Explore Box and we’ll bring you to community-endorsed content related to your specific interest or passion.

According to this article at Mashable about the new feature, StumbleUpon is responsible for “inspiring 25 billion clicks” to websites, so this newest feature is a welcome addition to the usage of StumbleUpon.

Prior to the addition of the Explore box, you needed to search through one of the 500+ topics already established on StumbleUpon. But as many users knew, sometimes a more specific focus was sometimes craved, such as searching for “carrots” rather than just “vegetables.” Now you can!

If you aren’t using StumbleUpon, here’s another reason to get started.


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