Suite Life on Deck Twister Part 2? I'll Pass.

Easily one of the worst shows on TV. Ever.

My stepdaughter is at her dad’s house. She went yesterday after school and won’t get back until Monday afternoon. And though I miss her, I just learned some news that makes makes me awfully thankful for the timing. The “Suite Life on Deck” is airing a three-part special this weekend. Part 1 was on last night. Part 2 is on tonight, and part 3 airs Sunday. And if our daughter were here? There’s no doubt I’d be subjected to all three nights of the televised atrocity.

I know what you’re thinking. I wouldn’t have to watch it with her. And you’re right. But I like to watch TV with my stepdaughter. Since we don’t let her watch very much, it’s a fun little treat for us. And typically, I’ll watch whatever she wants (within reason, of course). And though I cannot stand “Suite Life on Deck,” I actually do enjoy a number of her shows Here are the five I enjoy most.

Big Time Rush: The concept of this Nickelodeon show is borderline appalling — four hockey players from Minnesota move to LA to form a boy band and garner all the fame and fortune which comes along with it. Yet the show is well written and manages to both mock itself and entertain at the same time. And say what you want, but the bubble-gum-pop groves the four belt our are surprisingly catchy. Infectious, even.

Drake and Josh: Though no longer airing, this Nickelodeon hit is still going strong in syndication. Laid back, handsome Drake accidentally backs into everything a teen boy could possibly want, while goofy and diligent Josh does anything but. The stepbrothers are an unlikely duo who are often forced to unite against Drake’s deceptively mean little sister.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Another Nikelodeon gem, “SpongeBob SquarePants” is the first of two cartoons to make my list. SpongeBob, equally lovable and annoying, inadvertently bothers everyone in his under-water hometown of Bikini Bottom, most notably, his hapless neighbor Squidward. Well, there is one person SpongeBob doesn’t bother. His dim-witted sidekick Patrick the starfish.

iCarly: There are many reasons why this Nikelodeon show is so great, the clever writing being perhaps the biggest one. The popular and sweet title character is besties with a short-fused tomboy named Sam. Their streaming webcast, produced by geeky pal Freddie (who has an undying and unreturned love for Carly), is a huge hit and usually a big part of each of the episodes. Classic characters abound in the show, such as Carly’s brother Spencer and internet-mogul / rival Neville, an effeminate little boy who once made an unsuccessful play for Carly.

Oh yeah, and one more thing makes this show great. Jeanette McCurdy, the actress who plays Sam? She’s buddies with my 22-year-old second cousin, Alex, who herself is quite a talent. She’s the lead singer / guitarist for the up-and-coming Memphis band Yeah, Arturo.

Phineas and Ferb: You’ll note that the previous four selections were all Nikelodeon shows, but I’ll end with a Disney classic. “Phineas and Ferb” may be my favorite cartoon of all-time. Another stepbrother tandem, Phineas and Ferb constantly concoct various and elaborate schemes designed to make each of their summer days the very best it can be. Frustrated sister Candace tries to reveal their brothers’ elaborate undertakings to their parents, but is never quite able. As if that wasn’t enough, each episode features a sub plot which revolves about the boys’ pet platypus, Perry, (who doubles as a secret agent) and his perennial battle against evil genius, Dr. Heinze Doofenshmirtz (who is both lovable and riotously funny). Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil plots usually have a tangental presence to the undertakings of Phineas and Ferb.

So there you have it. Five shows I’d truly love to watch with my daughter anytime.

Unless, you know, there’s a huge football game on or something.

So which of your children’s shows do you like? Don’t be embarrassed. I threw out “Big Time Rush,” for crying out loud.

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