Happy Sukkot

Sukkah in the City

In addition to the autumnal equinox and the first day of fall in the U.S., tonight marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

Even if you’re not Jewish, Sukkot can be a festive holiday. Known as “the Feast of Tabernacles,” it’s a celebration of the harvest. Sukkot also commemorates the 40 years that the Israelites wandered around the desert. After all that time, they were so happy to find shelter, it warranted a celebration. To commemorate all that wandering, Jews build Sukkahs, or temporary shelters, on Sukkot.

Even though I’m not religious, I enjoy the community aspect of gathering with friends and family in the Sukkah and, of course, eating.

I’m hoping to make it to Manhattan’s Union Square to check out Sukkah City. Designers competed for the chance to build one of 12 Sukkahs in the city’s park.  The winners are on display and they’re pretty amazing. What a wonderful way to celebrate Sukkot!

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photo: Sukkah City

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