Summer Homework, Shrek Glasses Recalled, and More


Three months off to ride bikes, play, swim, and … do homework? One mom institutes a one our daily homework rule for the summer. Do you tutor your kids over the summer months or just let them play? — MOMformation

McDonald’s recalled their Shrek Forever After glasses after dangerous amounts of cadmium were found on them. Ever wonder why cadmium is so dangerous? It’s carcinogenic, and can cause kidney disease and softening of the bone. Yahoo! News has more.

Caught on tape:  The entire Obama family — yes, Malia and Sasha are there, too — singing along to “Hey Jude” at an event honoring Paul McCartney.  — Jezebel

Fifteen years after their dad disappeared with them, a mother says she’s been reunited with her kidnapped children after finding them on Facebook. The mother found her daughter on the social networking site and sent her a message. Once they made a connection, she contacted the police. — ParentDish

Summer means it’s time for camp! If your child’s headed for sleep-away camp, she’ll need these summer camp essentials that you won’t find on your typical supply list. — Alphamom

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