Super Storm California Predictions a Hoax

super storm california, super storms
So there's a little flooding. It happens, even in California.

Thanks a lot, Heather. You had this California mom a little alarmed about super storms along the California coast. My husband, kids and I live about a mile from the ocean, so when I read about 40-day rains and floods covering the Central Valley, I immediately longed for the nightmare-inducing tornadoes of my native Midwest.

Those unpredictable house-flatteners sounded, by comparison, more manageable.

But Kevin Martin, a meterologist for tells a San Diego news website that the super storm excitement was a bunch of spurious details cobbled together to make for a perfect storm of hits on certain myth-generating websites.

A geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey agrees. Lucy Jones says that floods are as much a part of California’s natural events as earthquakes. And in the biggest, sure, the Golden State won’t be able to handle them.

But just because a storm with resulting flood like this could happen, that doesn’t mean it’s probable.