Superheros Make Nice with Mice -Disney Buys Marvel


alg_spidey-mickeyThe traditional comic book trade may be thought of as big business but that isn’t the case of the legendary superhero factory Marvel. The Walt Disney Co. will be acquiring the company for $4 billon…yes $4 billion…dollars in cash and stock.

Disney will be the new masters and overlords of about 5,000 Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. Many of them were created by Stan Lee, who has been really cashing in on characters in the last ten years with movies and merchandising.

A business analyst said that about the purchase from the company known for cute characters, the Jonas Brothers and of course Mickey and Minnie, “It helps Disney add exposure to a young male demographic it had sort of lost some balance with,” adding that the $4 billion offer was at “full price.”

So Mickey Mouse in an Iron Man outfit? Hannah Montana being saved by Superman? A webbish ride in honor of Spiderman at Disneyland? My own spidey sense is that we’ll be seeing much more Marvel madness and some interesting cross promotions from the House of Mouse.

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